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When you head out to your backyard, you want it to be a place of peace, or at least a place to relax in. Backyards should be free of debris, children’s toys, lawn items or anything else that might clutter it up. If you need your own serene escape, perhaps you might think of landscaping your yard with a Cedar Garden Bridge. You will find everything that you need to make your front or backyard a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for that special something to transform your garden into a paradise a garden bridge may be exactly what you are looking for. If you need help designing a certain style for your cedar bridge just drop us a note from our contact us page.

To begin planning for your Cedar Bridge, you need to measure the area of your yard. This will help you decide how big or how small your Cedar Bridge should be. You also need to keep in mind the size of the pond or garden that you would like to put near your Cedar Bridge in or over. Next, you can plan the type of design for your Cedar Bridge. You can choose from designs that are symmetrical or asymmetrical, with or without posts and handrails. If you like everything equal on all sides, then your choice of design might be symmetrical or with a smooth, even arch across the Cedar Bridge. For non-equal proportions and to have a different design on each side, then asymmetrical may be the design route that you take instead, with a flat or cedar bridge without posts or rails.

After you have your measurements, then you can begin planning your garden or pond. Decide the types of flowers or plants that you would like to place near or around the pond or garden. The flowers and plants can be the path that leads to the Cedar Bridge. Perhaps you could make the walk-way brick, separate blocks of cement or even wood. Then add flowers around the walkway, and then again around the Cedar Bridge. The flowers should be the focal point of the design that leads the eye to the Cedar Garden Bridge.

Before you begin planting the garden, or building your pond you should familiarize yourself with types of design or style that you would like to add. Decide if you would like to add plants and or flowers such as, annuals (those will have to be replaced each year) or perennials (these come up every year). If your yard is shady, you will need plants that can live without much sun. Although, if your yard attracts a lot of sunshine, you will need plants that are able to thrive in direct sunlight. You might visit your nearby greenhouse and tell them of your plans. They can help you pick out the types of flowers that you will need.

Besides adding flowers, you might also think of other accessories to add such as different sizes of rocks or a bridge that leads to the Cedar Bridge. Look through landscaping books or surf images on the Internet that might inspire your backyard design with your gazebo. When you landscape, your imagination and (of course, the size of your yard) is the limit. Dream of a place that resembles relaxation or a point of peace. Once you have that idea in mind, your Cedar Bridge design should come together effortlessly.

If you need help with any phase of your design process or would like us to handle the complete design of your Cedar Garden Bridge we are ready to help in any way we can. We have 22 years of experience in designing, building and installing Cedar Bridges and creating designs for many different types and styles of landscaped yards and gardens. Give us a call at 479-234-2414 or drop us a note or contact us.

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